The beginning of the design collection

I still remember what first made me collect designer objects in limited editions. In 1997 I discovered a chair by Ron Arad in the German magazine "GQ". I was sent a catalogue from the Ron Arad studio containing pictures of the pieces he produced in limited editions, as well as photocopied price lists. I immediately felt attracted by the special texture and form of the Tom Vac chair. This chair was produced in carbon, a very solid and heat resistant material which is normally used in the manufacture of racing cars or space capsules. My two Tom Vacs were the foundation of my collection. When I received the two chairs, I placed them at my conference table, next to my Eames aluminium chairs.

Since then, I have visited numerous museums and exhibitions and studied hundreds of books and magazines with the aim of finding interesting objects that would suit my taste and requirements. My designer objects should always be highly innovative not only in shape, but also in craftsmanship.

The world of design collectors is still very small and everybody knows everybody. It is also possible to get to know personally the individual designers. In 2002, for example, I made the acquaintance of the desinger Frédéric Dedelley during the Swiss Expo. Dedelley exhibited some wicker seats which immediately caught my fancy. At my suggestion, he reclaimed the chairs after the end of the exhibition. Without this little intervention they would have gone to some sponsor, and it still fills me with pride and joy to think that it was I who reunited the artist with his work.

My collection of rare design objects is currently located at my office premises. Thanks to my well-equipped design library I can do detailed research. A number of books were acquired before the Internet era. Today, millions of websites are dedicated to design, but I can still remember the times when information was very sparse and rather difficult to get by.

Sometimes friends ask me what will become of my collection when I am gone. To be honest, I don't worry about that a great deal. What counts for me is the enjoyment and the inspiration I get from these special works of design art. These objects are a also source of inspiration in my day-to-day work because graphic and industry design have a lot in common. Apart from technical skills, you need courage when it comes to taking the unbeaten path far from the mainstream. These innovative industry designers have enriched my work and aesthetics with their example.