From high-tech to craftsmanship

In 2001 Vogt+Weizenegger produced the Sinterchair as the first 3d printed chair with the latest technology in the Selective Laser Sintering process (SLS®) from polyamide powder.

In 2017, Oliver Vogt had the idea of having the Sinterchair V produced in bronze as a variant. Hans-Ulrich Maurer was enthusiastic about the idea and supported the project by commissioning the bronze sinter chair for his collection. Thus the bronze chair 2017/2018 could be made by the Kunstgießerei Flierl in Berlin. Oliver Vogt documented this process photographically for the collector. This allowed him to follow the entire production process and gain an impression of the effort involved in such a production:

First, the Sinterchair V is printed again using the SLS® process. Each new version of the Sinterchair also generates a new digital version, because each Sinterchair is unique. To produce the bronze version, a negative mould made of silicone and plaster was made, from which a wax model was then cast. This is coated with liquid fireclay, which is then cured and then this casting mould is heated and the wax melted out in the „lost wax process“. The bronze is then poured into the hollow mould. After several days of cooling, the metal casting is removed from the mould and cleaned under high pressure. The chaser then processes and refines the casting to perfection. To apply the black patina, the bronze must be heated with a gas burner. Finally, the chair receives a silky matt wax seal.

The former lightweight becomes a seat sculpture weighing over 35 kilograms.

The Sinterchair V as a bronze chair will be produced by Oliver Vogt in an edition of ten pieces – whereby each model will also receive its own patina and will therefore be unique. The chair in the Maurer Design Collection has a matt black patina of so-called Parisian oxide.